Just Believe

You want so much to believe in God, the Higher Power, the Divine, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, but ask yourself why?  Is it to relinquish your power and let someone else take care of the messes and spills and manage the chaos?  You ask for miracles and proof yet is not the rebirth in nature that you witness every spring a miracle enough?  From barren branches springs new life in multitude of colors, shapes and scents.  The birds sing their song of aliveness.  Yet, you sit morose, and do not feel it. 

We say, quiet your mind and put your thoughts aside, and listen.  In the great silence you will hear a distant chorus, at once familiar and comforting.  At first you will just see the swirling of lights and colors and whispers of the many souls who have gone before you.  You will meet your Guides, too, who have always been next to you, like invisible guardians of the holy temple that You Are. 

If you believe, so shall it be.  Anything is possible.  Just as an acorn becomes a giant oak tree, within you there is Divine potential for infinite love and creation.  We send blessings to you during these trying times.  May our words fall on fertile ground and take root in the soil of your consciousness.  May the most glorious flowers bloom in your garden as you tend to them ever so lovingly.  Remember that death is but a part of the cycle that leads to rebirth.  Take clues from the natural world around you.  You will find the greatest wisdom in the tiniest blade of grass.  We send you love.  

The Passage of Time and Grief

Today we wish to speak about what you perceive as passage of time and your experiences. Right now some of you are grieving the loss of certain experiences. You fear that parts of you were lost and life as you knew it has gone by the wayside. You are being forced to sit with yourself in the great silence and listen to the voices in your head which are shrieking and wailing.

The distractions of the hustle and bustle of life, travel, meetings, going places and talking to others have disappeared. It is as if the movie that has been playing on your screen has been paused, indefinitely it seems. You have much time now and feel overwhelmed by your emotions of sadness, fear, anxiety and a sense of loss. But know that nothing of importance has been lost whatsoever. Your soul is a witness to all events that come and go but it is always whole and untouched. You cannot lose that essential part of yourself that lets you perceive and create and experience.

Life is simply a series of experiences, lessons if you will, designed for your soul’s growth. Some lessons are pleasant and some are painfully hard but none of them will destroy you for that is impossible. What you think of as “real” in this world is not the true “real” in our world and the world that you shall pass into. It is but one movie, one reality, among many, that you are now a part of. Let it play out and do not fight it.

Now, imagine yourself as a child, playing in the sand on a warm and sunny day. You take a handful of sand in your hand and let it run through your fingers, like water. Each grain of sand represents an experience, a frame of the movie you call life. Yes, there are that many possibilities and more. As you look around, the sandy beach stretches into infinity. Suddenly you, as the small child, realize that you cannot hold all the sand in your hand, but that it escapes, and cannot be molded into form of your choosing. You want to make a ball but it is just sand and the shape won’t hold. Like water, it runs through your fingers every time you pick up a handful. The enormity of your realization and the truth that you perceive frightens you immensely and you begin to cry. You want to be somewhere else all of a sudden, not on the beach, not playing with sand that won’t do what you want it to do. You become frightened because you find yourself alone not knowing what to do or where to go. But your family hears your cries and they rush to your rescue, pick you up and comfort you.

There are also your loving Guides who are always by your side, ready to comfort you and offer counsel when you need it, when you feel lost, when your reality does not make sense to you. Go ahead and cry out for help, there is no shame in expressing your feelings and in asking for guidance. Beings of Divine Light are standing next to you and holding you up like a loving mother holds her child. The experiences of your past are falling away now, you are shedding your old self as a snake sheds its skin, and you will emerge a new human after this turmoil passes. It is but a short time of pause, but a necessary one. Trust that this is for your highest good

Channeled on April 4, 2020

A Brief Teaching on Time

What is time but a figment of your imagination? You have died already and you were born again. It is all happening simultaneously in our reality. Time is useful to you for record keeping but do not be swayed by its seemingly absolute nature. You must dissolve into time, step into it like a river. It carries you to new places as yet unknown to you, and yet it will always return you to your origin.

You have already heard the metaphor of God being the ocean and your life but a drop in it. The ocean is time folded upon itself and emanating in all directions at once. So that you may find yourself here or there, depending on where you are looking. Ah, yes, these are familiar concepts from your physics, but it is so much more than what can be contained in an equation, for it is possible to travel and remain in one place at the same time. This is happening at the speed of thought and this is how we communicate with you through the etheric realms.

Why the teaching on Time you ask? Because time equals fear in your imagination. You think that time will bring death. You are always racing against time. You feel as though you are running out of time. But that is just an illusion.

You must trust us when we say there is no time and because there is no time, there is no death.

Yes, there is constant change, and aliveness in all that exists, a movement towards the Light, a metamorphosis, but never death as you fear it, as you imagine it. Humanity is still in the darkness of a cocoon, but it is on its way to becoming a butterfly. The transformation, the metamorphosis is under way. Trust in that.

Change–yes, but not death. We are watching over you and we envelop you in our Love.

Further Teachings on Energy and Manifestation

Channeling received on March 29, 2020

We will continue our teaching on energy today. You are an energetic being. Your soul vibrates at a certain frequency that is recognizable to us and to others in the etheric reamls. It is your signature, your name so to speak it. Your frequency is unique to you only although you may cluster with other souls of similar frequency. We wish to point to a new term of sub-frequency. It is a subtle frequency that is superimposed on your main soul-group frequency, thus establishing your name. You create by manipulating the frequency of thought. Yes, you can create your etheric body, clothes, a house, and a whole environment but the larger structures around you outside of your personal space are co-created by a group of souls in your main frequency. Because you cluster with other souls who resonate with you, who are at your frequency, you will co-create an ideal environment that is most pleasing to you.

You can create a whole new Earth with beautiful mountains, forests, oceans and beaches. You will create a house that most suits your personality. All that will be natural and effortless and readily available. You will be part of a world where everything is in harmony and in abundance. Thus, souls of higher frequency will create beautifully harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environments whereas as yet un-awakened souls will find themselves in less desirable surroundings, what you may consider ugly, even, or dangerous. The souls who still operate with violence and egoic thought, will create less hospitable surroundings, with paucity of imagination and reflecting generalized poverty. The poverty may extend to the natural environment, such as scarcity of resources, poverty of adobe, and poverty of expression. These souls vibrate at much lower frequencies and they may resort to violence, through violent thoughts which become manifest. Thus there may be wars and on- going environmental destruction in such realms. This is something that may be familiar to you from you physical Earth school that contains both worlds. You already know that life on earth contains both beauty and horror because it contains souls of such different frequencies who co-create all at once.

It is our hope that the collective vibratory frequency shifts towards the higher frequencies so that a new collective emerges that will tip the scales in favor of Beauty, Love and Joy. It is our sincere wish that all souls begin to experience the harmony of the song of Love. You need to awaken to the Oneness of humanity. There is no separation in the higher realms. We all sing with one voice and co-create what you would call Heaven. Only this heaven is already here, closer than you think. All that is required is a shift to a new level of understanding and a new level of knowing. It is not enough to understand it with your mind, your intellect. You must understand it with your heart, and shift with your heart. What would make this shift easier? Think of everything that makes you happy and joyful and multiply that by a thousand. It may seem out of reach, but that is the level of awakening. That is why it may take lifetimes of coming and going, of experiencing the same dream, of living the same questions, for every such experience opens you up a little bit more and lets more love in.

During times of collective stress such as a war or a pandemic as you have now, the crack widens much more and you are ripe for allowing more love and joy to enter your soul. Yes, you must be ready to receive the higher vibration for it is all around you but only you will know when it is time. We can tell you, however, that the veil is thin and even more transparent than before this pandemic. Everything has speeded up. The emotions are felt acutely and like a knife will pierce the shell you have built around yourselves. We are doing our part and amplifying the vibrations of love so that they are stronger than ever. It is your turn to receive. Tune in and turn up the volume. Your collective cry of desperation has been heard and we are here to help. We offer our song. Come sing with us.

It won’t be long before your life returns to normal and we urge you to use this opportunity to go within and find love hidden in your heart for eons of time. You will find that it is no longer necessary to recapitulate old dramas and old stories. Shouting and throwing tantrums such as your toddlers do, will not advance humanity. Only calm and peaceful demeanor with an eye toward the greater good will serve humanity. Selfish acts will undermine any efforts and must be replaced by altruistic behavior in many. If not, then you will repeat the same cycle again and remain in the hell of your making.

You already have many lightworkers who know the way. Give them voice and follow their wisdom. Right action will follow right thought. Do not take unnecessary detours. The ultimate joy of finding freedom will eclipse temporary pleasures of the flesh. Keep your eye on the prize and do not lose faith.

A most glorious end is in sight!

Teaching About Energy and Healing

Channeled message received on March 25, 2020

You see energy as a spark or lightning or fire. That is energy made visible to your eyes. This energy may burn or blind you, and even kill you as in the case of a lightning strike. It may jolt you to an awakening through a near death experience and this has been well documented already. We wish to speak about the “invisible energy”. It is only invisible to your physical eyes for it is quite apparent to spiritual way of perceiving. Your physical body gives off energy just as your spiritual, or etheric, body is also made of energy, albeit of different frequency. Where the two energies merge that is your physical aura. Thus your aura, or your energetic field, can be affected by either your physical body or your spiritual body and the frequency at which it vibrates. For awakened souls, the spiritual energy is very strong and much more powerful than their physical aura, even when the body is old and dying, their aura is extremely bright. A non-awakened soul has a weak spiritual aura but may have a powerful physical aura which is comprised of the ego–such was the case of Hitler and that is how he was able to influence so many people. He had a powerful aura but it emanated from his body and specifically his ego,which is part of the bodily aura.

Know that you can also heal your body by strengthening your spiritual connection and spiritual aura. That is how healers work–by transferring energy from one vessel to another. They can see it, sense it and feel it, and through visualizing the connectivity and energetic pathways they direct the flow of energy from a state of abundance to relative deficiency. It is like building canals or channels, then opening the dam, and letting the energy flow as directed. It is far from random and it follows mathematical formulas. There are highly skilled physicians on our side who understand these formulas and pathways and can direct the energy where it is needed. They work in conjunction with your healers. What is necessary on your part is to be open with an intention to receive. Nothing will happen if your channels are closed.

Some people, as they get older, remain in a constant and very painful state of constriction. When this happens, their body goes into self-destructive mode and this is manifested as disease, addiction or depression. Self-destruction can be either mental or physical or both, and can be instantaneous such as sudden death, or a slow progression of an illness over decades. If you feel unwell, whether emotionally or physically, you can always receive a healing by connecting to Spirit and setting an intention that you are open and ready to heal. Remember though, that what you receive may not necessarily reverse physical disease such as you would like but that you will be healed spiritually, and what follows will always be for your highest good.

Often, a particular illness is there for the lesson and the learning that will occur and this is also for your highest good. When you ask, “why me?”, you are comparing yourself to others and their journey is different and unknown to you. Trust and surrender we say. Follow inner guidance and outer discernment. You will know the way by its highest energetic vibration. You will never be given more than you can handle even though to outside eyes it may seem otherwise. Our physician-healers are standing by ready to assist you and will ease your pain. But know this: your soul does not feel pain as your body does. The body eventually dissolves, but the soul lives on, unscathed, without as much as a scratch. You are always whole and perfect for you emanate from a perfect Source. Thank you.

This virus is like a great fire…

Channeling from the Council of Ascended Masters on March 21, 2020

This virus is like a great fire burning through the collective karma of humanity. You see the earth enveloped in darkness for the smoke of the great fire obscures all light. Your earth has been on fire, burning, for centuries, but it has reached an apogee just now. Know that you cannot prevent this fire as it is a result of many actions forced upon the earth by your collective. It may seem to you like this is the end of the world, but know that it is only temporary, and will pass, and the sun will rise once again and the great skies will be clear.

You are feeling scared and uncomfortable and you want to run away. Only there is nowhere to run. Do not turn away and shut your eyes. Be a witness, one fully present. Your eyes must receive all. Your heart must feel the emotions as one. If you continue to see yourself as separate from others, from the Earth, you will perish. Your physical form on this planet will perish, swallowed up by the abyss of your making. This is your creation, the world you live in, the world you call home. It is time to clean up the mess, sweep away the dust and let fresh air in.

The new generation will be ready to lead when called upon. The elders will need to step away for their time has passed. They may offer counsel and observe from the sidelines, but they don’t have the energy or the imagination to usher in a new world. It is time for the young to step in and to abandon their screens and senseless pleasures. There is an even greater joy to be found in leadership, in building a new Earth school. The people are hungry for new knowledge. They are ready to have their eyes opened and to be led to the Kingdom of Heaven. They know that the old ways won’t hold and will surely lead to destruction.

The time to awaken is now.

Do not pass up this opportunity.

Do not waste precious time anymore.

Thank you.

Hello and welcome!

I’m so happy you are here. This is my personal space for channeled messages from the Guides and other Divine Beings of Light. I have been communicating with my Guides most of my life but have recently contacted the Council of Ascended Masters whose channeled messages are, I believe, meant for a wider audience. We have many gifts to share, not the least of which is spreading of Love, Light, eternal Wisdom, and Joy. Let the journey begin! Much love to you my friend and may the words here touch your heart and elevate your Soul.